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VIII Bienal Siart – Bolivia

Curador: Aymar Ccopacatty CUARTO MUNDO Curaduría: AYMAR CCOPACATTY (Perú – Estados Unidos) El poder político mundial considera a Sudamérica como tercer mundo, bajo este esquema Puno merecería el título de cuarto mundo. No es Bolivia, pero a veces es poco peruano, a veces pareciera que las fronteras son arbitrarias, un intento del hombre de taimar […]

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Plastic Aymara Wiphala Flag

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Trash Picking

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Plasti-Masi Recycled Plastic Ch’ullus arrive to the San Juan Orphanage; Puno – Perú

Recycled Plastic Textile Workshops April 15-May 15, 2013.  In partnership with the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, USA.

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A big fish made of plastic bottles!

This Blog is dedicated to sharing various practical and creative uses of recycled plastics and other materials; as well as occasionaly share my creative process with plastic. The first post here shows a Giant Plastic Fish made on the beach near the recent UN Conference on Sustainable Development. and here a house in Chile made […]

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