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Aymart; Recycled Plastic Art aims to turn each maker an active part of their own destiny; In creating these works we are rescuing plastic that would otherwise be blowing in the breeze and collecting all over our natural world of Lake Titicaca, 12,000 feet above sea level between Peru and Bolivia. After actively making these miniatures, Aymara people will never again see the plastic bag the same way, we’ll will begin to save the plastic rather than throwing it anywhere, now this plastic has perceived value.

The project helps fulfill several different community needs, securing a small income for Aymara families while stemming the tide of plastic refuse streaming into the Andean countryside. It is subverting the Globalized one way economic flow from first to third worlds and from urban to rural areas; wherein we were only passive consumers of many new products indiscriminately imported into our communities, we now export the plastic back to it’s intellectual points of origin.

A percentage of proceeds from Aymart – Plastic Art will go to help launch the Socca Community Library and Cultural Center. International Sculptor Peruko Ccopacatty has financed the Library completely out of pocket until now, as his gift back to his birthplace. Out of the many costs born by such an undertaking, PlastiMasi’s aim is to help pay the salary of a permanent librarian to open the facility 5 days a week in southern Puno – Peru.

It is our view that everyone has a right to own a piece of Paradise and this is your chance. It is a shame to see good art only available to the highest bidder; we even strive to make these miniatures practical also doubling as key chains and other things. What they really are is expressive and colorful “freestyle” textiles made by people world famous for our millenial textile tradition.

The keychains reflect the great diversity of colors and designs of the world they come from, expect to be surprised!

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